"KIOBOT: SPACE ADVENTURES" is a platform/action game in which you play KIOBOT, the warrior robot embarked in the hunt of the infamous commander DARKBOT, his worst enemy!
Alone on an interstellar cruiser, you will have to face hordes of enemies and find DARKBOT.

Discover or find in "KIOBOT: SPACE ADVENTURES" the influence of the great 2D platform/action games of our favorite consoles! Coming soon on your mobile!


  • Platforms !
  • Bosses !
  • Gravity !
  • Agility !


  • Have fun on more than 40 levels in the first world!
  • More than 20 different enemies!
  • Find all hidden secrets and unlock bonus levels!
  • Challenge gravity!
  • Use "TITAN" armor to destroy everything on your way!
  • Fight some tough bosses!
  • High resolution graphics!
  • Virtual gamepad designed for action!